What Enable Means?

Does enable mean allow?

to make something possibleThe usual distinction between allow and enable is that allow means “to not prohibit something, to let it happen, to remove any constraint that would prevent something from happening” and enable means “to make something possible”..

What is the use of Enable?

Enable sentence examples. I’ll ride over on horseback to enable a quick escape if needed, she insisted. There was enough material there to enable him to prepare several new tricks which he had learned from some of the jugglers in the circus, and he had passed part of the night in getting them ready.

How do you use enable in a sentence?

Enabling sentence examplesBy the Enabling Act Congress had extended the eastern boundary to the 38th meridian (W. … The occasional development of wings is probably of service to the species in enabling the insects to reach new fresh-water breeding-grounds. … by enabling him to avoid things at a convenient distance).More items…

What part of speech is enable?

VERB noun to-infinitive] Synonyms: allow, permit, facilitate, empower More Synonyms of enable. enabling adjective.

Are not able to meaning?

Not able :not of permanent nature. Unable :most likely of permanent nature. Highly active question.

How do you use Unable?

Unable sentence examplesShe fluffed the pillow and changed position, unable to sleep. … We both looked at her intently, unable to respond. … She clung to him, unable to trust her voice or thoughts. … He gave her a light kiss, unable to resist. … “I’m pretty sure he gets the picture,” Damian said, unable to help his amusement.More items…

What is mean by unable?

: not able : incapable: such as. a : unqualified, incompetent. b : impotent, helpless.

What is the difference between disabled and enabled?

As adjectives the difference between enabled and disabled is that enabled is being capable for use or action while disabled is made incapable of use or action.

What is an example of enabling?

Examples of enabling include: giving money to an addict, gambler, or debtor; repairing common property the addict broke; lying to the addict’s employer to cover up absenteeism; fulfilling the addict’s commitments to others; screening phone calls and making excuses for the addict; or bailing him or her out of jail.

What is enormously mean?

: to a very great or enormous degree or extent : exceedingly, vastly an enormously popular performer an area of business that has grown enormously in recent years an enormously complicated problem.

What is the opposite of enabled?

enable. Antonyms: disqualify, hinder, disable.

Does enable mean on or off?

Hello LowieK. In simple terms: Enable = To turn On. Disable = To Turn Off. When you turn on a feature you enable it.

What does it mean when something is enabled?

1. a. To supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity (to do something); make able: a hole in the fence that enabled us to watch; techniques that enable surgeons to repair the heart. b. To make feasible or possible: funds that will enable construction of new schools.

How do I enable?

​ enable somebody/something to do something to make it possible for somebody/something to do something synonym allow. … ​ enable something to make it possible for something to happen or exist by creating the necessary conditions synonym allow. … ​enable something (computing) to make a system, device or feature ready to use. … ​

What’s another word for can t?

Find another word for unable. In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unable, like: inefficacious, inefficient, incapable, impuissant, able, incapacitated, helpless, powerless, ineffective, impotent and inadequate.