Quick Answer: Who Is The Smartest Member Of NCT?

Who is the funniest member in NCT?

even NCT members said in an interview that Haechan was the funniest member..

Who is Jaemin closest to in NCT?

MarkJaemin and Mark Mark and Jaemin got closer because they both debuted under the same unit, NCT Dream. Mark is the oldest member and leader who graduated from NCT Dream in 2018. Jaemin and Mark are close because they are members who care for one another.

Is Haechan colorblind?

NCT Dream’s Haechan Has Color Amblyopia, Here’s What That Means. It’s not quite the same as being colorblind. … “Half of the screen… it’s got a different color.” While the average person would be quick to fix such a problem, it wasn’t a big deal at all for him. He then revealed why.

Who is the most attractive in NCT?

TaeyongTaeyong is the most attractive and one of the most talented and hardworking k pop idol in the today’s k pop industry . Plus he’s the leader, center, visual, main Rapper, main dancer, face of the group and sub vocalist of nct127 and overall leader of NCT.

In Korea, NCT is not quite popular as the top groups like EXO and BTS. The prove is that they mostly don’t perform near the end of music shows and they’re also less likely to be nominated on award shows (mostly due to their not-so-public friendly-songs).

Who is the best NCT member?

Mark would definitely be the most well-known member. Taeyong, Lucas, Jaemin, Jaehyun, Doyoung are also well-known members of NCT.

Is BTS V color blind?

It was reported that Taehyung suffers from ‘monochromatic blindness’ meaning he could only see shades of gray and it’s like seeing the world through an old black and white television screen. … BTS is a South Korean boy group formed in 2013 and Taehyung, known by his stage name V is one seventh of the group.

Is Jaemin an only child?

Jaemin is an only child, even if he ever wanted a little sister. There are no photos of his family. Jeno has an older sister a 97 liner.

Is TXT Soobin color blind?

Soobin (TXT): On a resent VLive where the members were coloring Christmas trees and used mostly reds and greens, Soobin had a pretty big problem with seeing the difference between those colors and asked the members a lot if it was green or red. … He has started that he has poor color vision but nothing else.

TaeilThe least popular member is the one and only Taeil.

Who is the hottest in NCT?

Who’s The Hottest Member?Lucas. 19.5%Taeyong. 36.6%Yuta. 19.5%Jaehyun. 17.1%Other (comment) 7.3%

Which NCT member is most attractive to Westerners?

Jaehyun and Jaemin are attractive to westerners as well. They have adorable smiles, they are both muscular looking, and theres more I could name but I don’t really feel like it. Hendery can be seen as attractive.

Which NCT member is closest?

The closest ones are probably Taeyong & Doyoung, even if it might not seem like it at first. Taeyong is leader of all those members, gets tired at times, Doyoung despite usually making fun of him, fighting with him, is person who helps Taeyong the most.

Who is Jaehyun closest to in NCT?

Not only with Doyoung and Taeyong, but Jaehyun is also very close to Mark. Because he was an only child, Jaehyun who is two years older than Mark always treats and regards Mark as his biological brother.