Quick Answer: What Is My Axis Direct Account Number?

Is axis direct a demat account?

AxisDirect is one such Depository Participant.

You can open a demat account or a Beneficial Owner (BO) accounts with a DP, who will provide you a unique access to the Depository..

What is brokerage charges of Axis Direct?

AxisDirect Standard Brokerage PlanSegmentBrokerage FeeEquity Delivery0.50%Equity Intraday0.05%Equity Futures0.05%Equity OptionsIntraday: Rs 0.01 per lot | Carry Forward: Rs 10 per lot5 more rows•Apr 24, 2020

What is DP name?

The DP name is the depository participant’s name. … The DP ID is different from the 16-digit demat account number. Typically, the first eight digits of the demat account number are the DP ID. The demat account numbers provided by NSDL and CDSL can be easily identified.

What is Axis Direct prosperity account?

AxisDirect portal of Axis Securities Limited (ASL) provides seamless investment/trading platform by linking customer’s Savings bank account, Demat account and Trading account. With AxisDirect 3-in-1 account, you get an integrated accounts providing you investment/trading options under one roof.

How can I know my demat account number?

The letter sent by your depository will include a welcome message, important information regarding your demat account and your demat account number. In case you receive the letter from CDSL, your demat account number will be mentioned as beneficiary owner ID or BO ID.

What is Axis Direct account?

Axis Direct provides a 3-in-1 Online Investment Account which is a combination of Axis Bank Savings and Demat Accounts along with an Axis Direct trading account. Services: … Mutual Funds – Invest in mutual funds including equity, hybrid, tax saving or debt schemes from asset management companies.

What is DP account number?

DP ID is a number allocated to the Depository Participant such as a broking firm, bank or financial institutions by the CDSL and NSDL. … Usually, the first 8-digits of your Demat Account number is your DP ID where the last 8-digits of your Demat Account number is the customer ID of the account holder.

How can I activate my Axis Direct account?

Enter Your PAN.Enter Your Axis Bank Debit Card No. You need to use the Debit Card for which Primary Axis Bank Account is the account linked with your axis direct Account.ATM Pin. Expiry Month. Month. 12 Month. Year. 41 Year.Enable Javascript for audio controls. Enter Captcha.

How do I find my NSDL user ID?

Enter the following details on the registration page:DP ID (of your DP where you have opened your demat account)Client ID (i.e. provided by your DP)Choose your own User ID (between 3 to 8 characters)User Name.Email ID.Password and Confirm Password (between 8 to 16 characters), both alphanumeric.

How can I login my axis demat account?

LoginEnter Username. Forgot Username / New user registration.Enter Password. Forgot Password.Your Date Of Birth.PAN.Take Me To. Trading. My Portfolio. My Account. Wise Advisor Trading.

Is demat account number and client ID Same?

The demat account number or demat ID is a 16-digit number. This number actually has two parts to it, being a combination of the DP ID of the broker and the client ID of the user. The first part is the DP ID while the second part is the client ID.

How do I delete my Axis Direct account?

To close the account, the customer has to download the form from their website or click on to download the form and fill it with the required information. Then visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch to submit the Demat Account Closure form duly completed and signed by all account holder/s in original.

How can I download capital gain from Axis Direct?

On ‘My Portfolio – Reports’ by clicking on Capital Gain/Loss Statement you can view your Capital Gain/Loss Statement. By default it displays Capital Gain/Loss of the current Financial Year. You can change the Year by clicking on the drop down of the Financial Year which has 3 recent options.

How can I change my Axis Direct account number?

You need to Login, Go to Edit Profile Click on Edit Icon for Mobile Number update your Number with Country code and save. Your number gets updated in one working day.

What is my trading account number?

Demat account number is also called client ID number, and it is allotted by the DP. Trading account number is the number allotted by the broker for your market trades.

How can I change my mobile number in demat account?

How do I change my registered Email address and mobile number?To change the email ID or mobile number linked to your Trading & Demat account:2) Click on ‘Service Request’3) Click on ‘Change your Mobile Number’ or ‘Change your Email’4) Enter the desired mobile number or email ID & click on the ‘Verify’ button.5) Enter the OTP sent to your newly entered mobile number/ Email ID.More items…

To link a new Axis Bank demat account with your existing trading account, you need to provide the following documents: 1. An application for delinking of existing demat accounts and linking of new demat account.