Quick Answer: What Is Boon Or Curse?

Is plastic a boon or a curse?

Plastic was thought to be a boon but it turned out to be a curse.

Plastic can be very harmful as it produces harmful gases when it is burned.

As it is non bio degradable, it is harmful to the soil and takes hundreds of years to degrade or decompose.

Many plastics poison the environment when degrading..

Is a Boon for?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a timely benefit : blessing a boon to new homeowners The rain was a boon for parched crops. 2 : benefit, favor especially : one that is given in answer to a request would not grant his boon. boon.

What is a bane?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : a source of harm or ruin : curse national frontiers have been more of a bane than a boon for mankind— D. C. Thomson. 2a : death, destruction …

Is Monsoon a boon or bane?

Monsoon is a boon because monsoon helps crops to grow, fill the dry oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, seas with water, bring peace and cool the Earth after the dry summer etc. Monsoon is a bane because it causes floods, destruction, death, sufferings, makes people homeless etc.

Why are monsoons both a blessing and a curse?

Answer. monsoon is considered to be both blessing and curse because ; monsoon brings rain which is very essential to every living organisms. much rain brings flood and destroys everything .

Is Boon good or bad?

“Boon or a bane” basically means “good or bad” “beneficial or harmful”. Boon means “a thing that is beneficial or helpful” and bane is something that causes distress or annoyance.

Can a person be a boon?

Boon means something beneficial to a specific person, entity, or cause. “Getting called out of school on the day of the test was a boon for Sam, as he hadn’t remembered to study.” Boon derives from the Old Norse bón, a request for a favor.

Why science is a curse?

The only thing responsible for this is science and its inventions. Science has brought more fear and danger than hope and comfort. In the beginning, it appeared to be the greatest friend and helper of man. It promised to overcome disease and death.

What does godsend mean?

: a desirable or needed thing or event that comes unexpectedly The widespread rain was a godsend for farmers.

Who is invented plastic?

A key breakthrough came in 1907, when Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland created Bakelite, the first real synthetic, mass-produced plastic.

Why plastic is boon for us?

(1) Plastics do not rot (or decompose) in nature on their own. So, the plastic bags (polythene bags) thrown away carelessly on roads and other places get into drains and sewers (sewers are underground dirty water pipes). These plastic bags block the drains and sewers causing the dirty drain water to on the roads.

Why is plastic a bane?

In addition to being an everlasting eyesore, plastic is an everlasting material. In the hundreds of years it takes to decompose, plastic continuously releases harmful toxins into the surrounding water and soil.

Is rain a boon or curse?

Answer. Answer: Rain is a two sided coin it is boon as well as bane, its boon for the farmers as they get high yield of crops and they also regulate the temperature of the surroundings.