Quick Answer: What Does Pp Mean Depop?

What does ho mean Depop?

The definition of H/O is “Hold On”.

What is PP in Instagram?

PP has 5 meanings. Pause please. Profile picture.

Does PP stand for price?

Purchase PricePP stands for Purchase Price.

What is full form of PP?

Definition:PolypropyleneCategory:Academic & Science » ChemistryCountry/ Region:WorldwidePopularity:

What does pp mean in selling?

Pending – this usually means that an item is pending pickup (and may also be displayed as “pp” or “ppu”). People may also post “Sold Pending… (typically an answer to a question.)”

What does pp mean after a price?

Purchase PricePP stands for “Purchase Price”

What is PP in FB?

PP in Facebook denotes ‘Please Price’.

What means big PP?

It’s become an iconic saying by Felix when he “rates” Reddit posts or other things that he just randomly rates. Big pp = Felix approves of it. I don’t have a better way to explain it tbh. It’s just something you get used to on a regular basis when watching his videos.

What does PP stand for in text?

Personal Problem As inPersonal Problem As in, “sounds like a PP to me.” Online jargon, also known as text message shorthand, used primarily in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, and newsgroup postings, these types of abbreviations are also referred to as chat acronyms.

What is PP short for?

written abbreviation for pages: used to refer to particular pages in a book or document: see pp 56-58. COMMUNICATIONS UK. written abbreviation for per pro: written in front of a person’s name when you sign a letter or document for them: Yours faithfully, Chris Turner, pp Rebecca Collings.