Quick Answer: Should My Resume Have Color?

Is it unprofessional to have color in your resume?

The use of bright colours on a resume, or too much colour on a resume, is viewed as unprofessional.

The traditional resume is black and white.

Infusing your creativity into your resume is only important if creativity is a skill that you are trying to demonstrate in your resume..

Is it OK to have color in your resume?

In general, yes. Most professionally-designed resumes use color. Using color on your resume can help to make your resume look attractive and easy-on-the-eye. It can also help to emphasize the most important parts which you want to draw the employer’s attention to.

What my resume should look like in 2020?

Keep It Simple Unless you’re applying for a design role, a clean, simple layout is best. Use clear section headings and make them stand out with bold type, capital letters, and/or a different color. Make sure there’s plenty of white space—an overstuffed resume is hard to read.

What is the best color paper for a resume?

ColorOff-White (Our Recommendation) This is the safest choice in terms of resume color. … Ivory. Many stores will offer ivory, but it appears yellow in natural light. … Colored Paper. … 20lb Copy Paper. … 32lb Resume Paper (Our Recommendation) … 80lb Card Stock. … Cotton (Our Recommendation) … Linen.