Quick Answer: Is Capital One 360 Money Market Account Good?

Is my Capital One 360 money market account FDIC insured?

Like a regular savings or checking account, the 360 money market account is FDIC insured.

That means your deposit is insured by the federal government..

What is the interest rate on Capital One 360 money market?

If your daily balance is $10,000 or more, you’ll earn 0.3993 % interest on your entire account balance, with an annual percentage yield of 0.40% .

What happened to Capital One 360 money market account?

When Capital One started offering this “new” type of account, they took away their 360 Savings Accounts and 360 Money Market Accounts. It’s now Performance Savings only. If you’re an existing Capital One 360 Savings customer, it’s pretty much the same as before except you get a higher interest rate.

How do I withdraw money from my Capital One money market account?

Withdrawals you make from your account at an automated teller machine (ATM), if your account offers an ATM card. Internal transfers between your Capital One Bank accounts. Online banking (See Online Banking Terms and Conditions at www.capitalone.com).