Quick Answer: How Do I Pay With Cellphone Banking FNB?

How do I activate cellphone banking?

How to register for Cellphone BankinginContact customers: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone and select “More Features” from the menu.Online: Log on to www.fnb.co.za and click on the “Settings” tab.At an FNB ATM: Go to “More Options” or “My Banking Options” on the menu and select “Register for Cellphone Banking”.More items….

How do you send an easy wallet?

How to send an EasyWallet with CellPhone BankingDial *140*295#Enter your CellPhone Banking PIN.Select EasyWallet from the menu.Select Send Money.Enter a valid 081 number and confirm.Enter the amount and confirm.

How do I verify my FNB Banking App?

All savings + investment accounts STEP 2: Enter your personal identification number (PIN). STEP 3: On the Main Menu select More Options . STEP 4: On the Services Menu select Cellphone/Online Banking. STEP 5: Select Verify FNB App/Online Banking.

How do I pay with my phone on FNB?

FacebookHow to make a Pay2Cell payment on the FNB Banking App.Select “Payments”Select “Once off Payments”Select “Specify Recipient Details”Select “Enter Cell number”Type in “Cell Number & Amount”Complete.Download The FNB Banking App.

How do I use Windhoek cellphone banking?

Download and install the Bank Windhoek App.• Open the Bank Windhoek Mobile App.• Click on Register.“Register for Mobile Application” screen is displayed with identification method options. … • Type in current iBank username.More items…

How do I pay someone on FNB App?

Financial planningSTEP 1: Enter your username and password on www.fnb.co.za and login to your Online Banking profile.STEP 2: Select Pay.STEP 3: Select Add.STEP 4: Under ‘Recipient details’, select A Public Recipient.STEP 5: Enter the recipient name and select Search.More items…

What is the code for FNB Cellphone Banking?

Dial *130*321# to register and start banking on your phone today! For assistance, call 087 575 9405 .

How do I get proof of payment on FNB Cellphone Banking?

Get Proof Of Payment On FNB Cellphone BankingOn your phone, Dial *121*321#Select ‘Payments. ‘Select, ‘Payment history. … Now choose the recipient that you paid.Select ‘Send proof. … Insert a cellphone number or an email address.Select ‘Send. … Your proof of payment will now be sent to the provided details as a PDF file.

How do I verify my FNB App?

When an attempt is made to login to your Online Banking profile via a PC or mobile device that has not been verified, you will receive a notification via Smart inContact requesting you to approve/verify the device. You will have the option to accept and approve the PC or mobile device.

How do I activate my FNB Cellphone Banking?

STEP 1: Dial *120*321#. Once you have entered your login details select FNB Connect. STEP 2: On the FNB Connect Menu select Activate SIM.

How do I transfer money on FNB App?

Financial planningSTEP 1: Login to your FNB Online Banking profile using your username and password.STEP 2: Select Transfer.STEP 3: Select the accounts you would like to transfer From and To, from the dropdown menus.STEP 4: Enter the amount you would like to transfer.STEP 5: Enter the From and To references.More items…

Does FNB sell cell phones?

It’s time to get a sleeker, smarter and more powerful device Customers can choose up to five smart and/or entertainment devices with no additional fees, interest or charges payable. The available devices are updated on a weekly basis. We have a variety of channels you can apply through, ie FNB Online and Call Centre.

How does FNB SIM work?

FNB banking customers with FNB Connect SIMs are now eligible to receive a free monthly allotment of mobile data, voice minutes, and SMSs. … FNB Connect SIMs are only available to banking customers and can be managed through the FNB app along with the user’s bank account.

How do I register for FNB Online Banking?

STEP 1: Select the Register link. STEP 2: Select I have a card and pin option for personal Online Banking registrations. STEP 3: Fill in the fields displayed on the screen. STEP 4: Read and accept the Terms & Conditions by checking the tick box.

How do I get my FNB Cellphone Banking PIN?

STEP 1: Login to Online Banking using your username and password. STEP 2: Select the My Bank Accounts tab. STEP 3: Select the My Cards tab. STEP 4: Locate the card for which you would like to change the PIN and click the View PIN button.

How do I pay FNB Connect?

FNB ATMGo to the nearest FNB ATM.Select More Options.Select Prepaid/LOTTO & FNB Connect.Follow the easy prompts.

How do I transfer money using FNB Cellphone Banking?

Cellphone BankingDial *120*321#Select ‘Send Money’Select ‘eWallet’Select the account you want to send money from.Key in the cellphone number you want to send to.Enter the amount you want to send.Select ‘Yes’ to send an SMS with an ATM PIN to the recipient for easy withdrawal.Confirm the amount and cellphone number.

How do I check my easy wallet balance?

You can simply login into your EasyMobileRecharge.com account. There will be an option of Easy wallet where you can check your wallet balance details.

How do I change my FNB Cellphone Banking PIN?

STEP 1: Login to Online Banking using your username and password. STEP 2: Select the My Bank Accounts tab. STEP 3: Select the My Cards tab. STEP 4: Locate the card for which you would like to change the PIN and click the Create PIN button.

Which network does FNB use?

FNB Connect is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that piggybacks on Cell C’s network. MTN will provide additional 3G and 4G services to Cell C around South Africa as a result of the deal, services that are going to be passed on to FNB Connect subscribers as well.