Quick Answer: How Do I Change The Language On SuccessFactors?

How do you login to success factors?

Go to the SuccessFactors login page (link below).

Click the “?” link beside the password login box.

You will be sent to the Forgot Password Screen….Login to SuccessFactors RecruitingYou can search and apply for open positions.Create your profile.If you are a hiring manager, you can create and manage job requisitions..

What is generic object in SuccessFactors?

Purpose of the Generic Object. Changes to standard fields, such as data type or source of valid values (e.g., a Picklist or Foundation Object) Custom fields added, along with details of the new field (e.g., data type, valid values source, rules, etc.)

How do you export events reasons in SuccessFactors?

Navigate to Admin Center > Picklist Management. Select “Export all picklist(s)” and click Submit….Event Reason Configuration Issue:Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structures > select “Event Reason” in the 1st drop-down menu.Select the Termination Event Reason in question.More items…

How do you trigger a workflow in SuccessFactors?

The user needs to click on Go to Workflow Request at the bottom of workflow screen and click on Go to Workflow Requests – User will have an option to Select multiple employees and Approve at the same time. SuccessFactors also allows sort and filter feature during mass approval of workflows.

What is Event reason in SuccessFactors?

Event reason is an activity derived from events that drives changes in employee data. These events are predefined for all instances and cannot be added (as of 1508). Of course, you can deactivate part of them or rename the current events if needed.

How do I find my company ID for SuccessFactors?

Your Company ID is a short string of characters or an abbreviation—like a “username” for your company. All users at your company share the same Company ID, so you may be able to get your Company ID from a colleague who also uses SuccessFactors.

How do you delegate approvals in SuccessFactors?

OF 17. … Click Quick Links.A Quick Links dialogue box will open up.Click Available.Click Auto Delegate.Click on the tickbox to activate Delegate my approvals.Click Tori Miller Senior Human Resource Advisor.Click Save.More items…

How do I turn off email notifications in SuccessFactors?

ResolutionNavigate to Admin > System Admin > Configuration > Global Variables and select the Mail tab.Ensure that ‘Enable Mail’ option is checked so your system can send notifications.If you want to disable the e-mail notifications, you just need to uncheck the option ‘Enable email’Note this is the general setting.

How do you configure custom workflow email notification in SuccessFactors Employee Central?

2. Create custom Template for Workflow notification in Document Generation toolGo to Manage Document Template using action search or from Admin Centre -> Employee Files -> Document Generation : Manage document template.Give template a meaningful name and description.Choose Category “Workflow”More items…•

What is a portlet in SuccessFactors?

A portlet is a configurable object on the SuccessFactors screen. Portlets provide resources, charting, or features for users to assist them with performance processes.

How do I change labels in SuccessFactors?

Navigate to Learning Administration > References > Manage Labels > Labels. Search with the identified label ID and click Edit. Go to the Locales tab and scroll down until you see the locale/language you want to edit and then modify the label value. After performing the necessary changes hit the Apply Changes button.

What is FTE in SuccessFactors?

The FTE (full-time equivalent) field has its value automatically calculated by the system via a formula: FTE = standard weekly hours in Job Info/standard weekly hours in base object, where the term “base object” refers to the Position, Company, Location, or Job Classification.

How do I change my password on SuccessFactors?

ResolutionAdmin Center > Tool Search: Reset User Passwords. … If it’s not already selected, click Reset individual user password (with supplied password). … Search for the user whose password you want to reset.In search results, select the user whose password you want to reset.In New Password, type the new password.More items…