Quick Answer: How Can I Call Giffgaff For Free?

Can giffgaff call o2 for free?

O2 and Giffgaff are treated as separate networks, so any free minutes only apply o2-o2 and giffgaff-giffgaff, not between the two.

Transferring a number from o2 simlplicity to giffgaff is fine though – you need to get a PAC from O2 and then pass it on to giffgaff after you’ve ordered your giffgaff SIM..

Can you contact giffgaff by phone?

We don’t do call centres. This helps us offer better value for our members. If you need help, our friendly community helpers can give you answers to your questions within minutes.

Is it free to call giffgaff to giffgaff?

calls, video calls* and text messages to giffgaff mobile numbers are free (first 59 minutes of each call and each text is free as long as you have either topped up or bought a live goodybag using new credit within the last 93 days) you can access the giffgaff website and the giffgaff community for free.

Are 08081 numbers free?

Yes, 0800 numbers and 0808 numbers have been free to call from all personal mobile phones and landlines since July 2015. Previously, most mobile networks had charged for calls to 0800 numbers and 0808 numbers.

What numbers are included in giffgaff minutes?

Any 0845, 0844 and 0870 numbers cost 12p per minute on the giffgaff network and will be deducted from your air time balance, NOT your active goodybag. Goodybags only include calls to UK Landlines staring 01, 02 and 03 and any other UK Mobiles networks.

Is 0800 free giffgaff?

Calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are free on giffgaff. Any calls to international 070(call-forwarding services), 084, 087, 09 , 118 mobile numbers are chargeable from airtime credit.

How much is giffgaff per minute?

Any call to a service number starting with 084, 087, 09 or 118 will be broken down into two parts: An access charge – This charge goes to giffgaff and is 25p per minute. A minimum of 1 minute charge is applied and is the same for all the number ranges mentioned above.

Can I speak to someone at giffgaff?

baba03. Sorry giffgaff don’t have a dedicated customer service telephone number you can ring to speak to a person or chat system. All giffgaff support is done online. If you require support with an account or payment issue you can contact a giffgaff agent.

How can I get free minutes on giffgaff?

All you need to do is purchase a £5 goodybag and when someone gives you a call from another network you will get the minutes. excellent eh 🙂 e.g. you are on giffgaff and you buy a hockey cockey goodybag and someone that is on the vodafone network rings you for 30 minutes, you will get an extra free 30 minutes.

How much do giffgaff calls cost?

Calls to 01, 02, and 03 numbers are 15p per minute (or included in goodybag allowances). Calls to 0800, 0808, and 0500 are free. Anything else is charged as premium rate. Go to http://giffgaff.com/index/pricing and take a look at the pricing information listed there.

Why is GiffGaff so cheap?

GiffGaff is cheap, like it is because of the main reasons being.. there is no call centers, very little staff are getting paid for their work – due to it being an all -internet based-!

Is giffgaff free to any network?

You giffgaff to giffgaff calls are free and do not use up any minutes and that situation also applies to your texts to other giffgaff members.