Quick Answer: Does Internet Get Capitalized?

Is the word Internet capitalized in APA Style?

People sometimes contact us just to verify how a word is spelled or formatted.

For example, “Is the word Internet capitalized?” Yes, Internet, a proper noun, is always capitalized, whereas website is not..

Is intranet capitalized?

intranet—A communication network within an organization or group. Not capitalized.

Why is Ethernet capitalized?

Should the word “Ethernet” be capitalized? … It is a proper name for a particular type of network and therefore is capitalized.

Is internet capitalized in MLA?

Yes. We follow the first spelling in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Is internet capitalized 2019?

Historically, the word internet was capitalized since it is a proper noun, but in the last few years the trend has been to lowercase the word internet since it is now a general noun. … Since 2016, the AP stylebook now recommends lowercasing “internet” and “web.”