Quick Answer: Does Consistently Mean Always?

Is the meaning of constantly?


not changing or varying; uniform; regular; invariable: All conditions during the three experiments were constant.

continuing without pause or letup; unceasing: constant noise.

regularly recurrent; continual; persistent: He found it impossible to work with constant interruption..

Why is consistency important?

Consistency develops routines and builds momentum. It forms habits that become almost second nature. … Leadership guru John Maxwell said: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” Consistency is especially important in business.

What is another word for consistently?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for consistently, like: frequently, routinely, regularly, normally, often, commonly, usually, per usual, habitually, big and customarily.

What means consistently?

The adverb consistently describes something that’s done the same way for a long time. If your mom consistently forgets to add sugar when she’s baking cookies, it means you can count on inedible cookies. When something happens again and again, it happens consistently.

What is the difference between constantly and consistently?

If something happens consistently or someone does something consistently, it may not happen all the time, but we can depend on the result. Something that happens constantly happens all the time, without letup or with few breaks.

What is an example of consistent?

Consistent definitions The definition of consistent is something that is reliable or in agreement. An example of consistent is waking up at seven o’clock every morning. In agreement; compatible. The testimony was consistent with the known facts.

Is it good to be consistent?

Being consistent will help build momentum. This means we’ll also feel good about what we’re working towards. It can fast track your improvement or development in any area. Consistency will lead to progress, which can speed up the accomplishment of what we want.

What is the meaning of almost always?

most of the time”Almost always” means “most of the time.” Ex. She is almost always late.

What are two synonyms for consistent?

consistentaccordant,coherent,compatible,concordant,conformable (to),congruent,congruous,consonant,More items…