Quick Answer: Can We Add Spouse Name In Aadhar?

Can one person have 2 Aadhar cards?

Aadhaar can be registered only in one device at a time.


mAadhaar App is available for both Android and iPhone users in India..

What documents are required for name change in Aadhar card after marriage?

The documents required to change your Aadhaar namePAN card.Passport.Voter ID.Driving License (specifically the applicant’s license)Ration Card.Bank ATM cards with Photo.Credit Cards with Photo.Any Photo Identity Card by the Government of India.

Is marriage certificate required for Aadhar card?

To change name and address in Aadhaar Card after marriage, you need to submit documents for identity proof and residence proof. A passport, PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID and Driving License etc., can be submitted as proof of identity and you need to submit a passport, bank statement, ration card, etc.

How do I change my wife’s surname after marriage?

Procedure To Change Your Name After Marriage in IndiaStep 1 – Your Marriage Certificate. You’ll have to first get your new name registered on your marriage certificate. … Step 2 – Get an Affidavit. … Step 3 – Declaration to Third Parties. … Step 4 – Make The Changes.

Is it compulsory to change name after marriage?

It is now perfectly legal for a woman to retain her maiden name after marriage. … The law is clear now: a woman is not obliged to take her husband’s name after marriage. A woman can file proceedings either in her maiden name or another name she may have adopted as long as it is officially registered in the gazette.

How can I remove my husband name in Aadhar card?

The approved documents for submission for name correction is available in the net for change of name if the current name given includes husband’s name. You can go to any e seva center and get that changed. You need to take the original Aadhar card and the proof.

Can I add husband name in Aadhar card?

For Aadhaar card name change after marriage, follow the procedure mentioned below. – Log in to the self-service update portal using your Aadhaar number. – Submit your name and surname change request in the right format. – You will now have to upload the scanned copy of self-attested supporting documents.

Can Aadhaar card be address proof for spouse?

Updating information on our Aadhaar card is easy but there are several easy steps to complete. When a citizen moves to a different house after marriage, he/she can easily update address in his/her Aadhaar card using the address of the partner. – Applicant’s address will now be updated after verification.

How can I change my spouse name in Aadhar card?

Online UpdationUse your AADHAR number to login into the Online Self Service Update Portal.Submit your name or surname change request in the requisite format.Upload scanned copy of self-attested supporting documents.This facility uses OTP so make sure your number is registered with AADHAR.This process is entirely free.

Is husband name mandatory in PAN card?

Father’s Name: It is mandatory for Individual applicants to provide father’s name. Married woman applicant should also give father’s name and not husband’s name. … Appropriate flag should be selected to indicate the name (out of the father’s name and mother’s name given in the form) to be printed on the PAN card.

What are the documents required for Aadhar card Father name correction?

The following documents are accepted by the UIDAI as identity proof for Aadhaar registration:Passport.Passbook or Bank Statement.Account statement or passbook of the Post Office.Ration Card.Voter Identification card.Driving licence of the applicant.Photo identification cards issued by the Government.More items…•

How can I add my spouse name in Aadhar card online?

Go to URL https://resident.uidai.gov.in/offlineaadhaar. Enter ‘Aadhaar Number’ or ‘VID’ and mentioned ‘Security Code’ in screen, then click on ‘Send OTP’ or ‘Enter TOTP’. The OTP will be sent to the registered Mobile Number for the given Aadhaar number or VID.

How can I write my wifes Aadhar card?

How can women change name in Aadhaar card after marriage?Visit a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Centre (Click here to locate one)Provide your Aadhaar number to the executive.Fill the Aadhaar Enrolment Form and submit it with the required document proof to the executive.More items…•

Can husband and wife have different address in passport?

No, it is not mandatory to have wife address same as husband address during passport re-issue. As Viny has suggested, please always use current address (that means, where an applicant is currently living) as the address for applicant. It has nothing to do with the address of relatives.

How can I get proof of address for my wife?

You have to submit a request in the prescribed form – addition of name – available from the bank.Two passport size photos of your wife.One copy of address proof – AADHAAR card; Voter id card; Driving licence.One copy of identity proof – AADHAAR card; Voter id card; Driving licence.Copy of PAN card.