Question: What’S The Meaning Of Unfair?

What is fair and unfair?

Fairness is the act of doing things that treat all people equally and with respect.

Knowing what is fair or unfair is important in helping people get along with each other..

What is another word for unfair treatment?

What is another word for unfair treatment?inequalityprejudiceone-sidednessinequitydiscriminationintolerancebiasbigotrychauvinismpartiality85 more rows

What is it called when someone is treated unfairly?

discriminate. verb. to treat someone unfairly because of their religion, race, or other personal features.

What is the mean of Unfair?

1 : marked by injustice, partiality, or deception : unjust. 2 : not equitable in business dealings.

What is a another word for unfair?

unwarranted, dishonest, biased, illegal, partisan, discriminatory, unlawful, unreasonable, one-sided, improper, arbitrary, wrong, shameful, inequitable, unjust, unjustifiable, immoral, unethical, cruel, inexcusable.

What makes something unfair?

not fair; not conforming to approved standards, as of justice, honesty, or ethics: an unfair law; an unfair wage policy. disproportionate; undue; beyond what is proper or fitting: an unfair share.