Question: How Do I Transfer Money To My UBL Account?

How do I activate my UBL account?

Activate your Netbanking in 3 easy steps:Visit UBL Website ( OR call UBL Contact Centre (+9221) 111-825-888.Verify yourself & get real-time Activation Link on your registered E-mail Address.Create your Login ID / Password and enjoy using UBL Netbanking!.

How can I activate my UBL debit card online?

Simply call at 111-825-888 (UAN) to activate your card. Our Phone bankers will help you set your online shopping limits and start enjoying this amazing new facility offered by UBL – Where you always come first! No activation or annual charges-Only nominal transaction charges per session.

How can I transfer money from Jazzcash to UBL?

Simply select funds transfer option, select Mobilink Microfinance Bank (formerly known as Waseela Microfinance Bank) as the receiver bank and enter your mobile number as the receiver account number to transfer money into your Mobile Account instantly.

How can I deposit money in easypaisa?

How do I deposit funds in my Easypaisa account?Any of the 75,000 Easypaisa shops across the country.Bank transfer from any bank account.Money transfer from any other Easypaisa account.Any local or international Visa/Mastercard Credit or Debit Card holder can also top up his account through any VISA/MasterCard.

What is interbank fund transfer?

Interbank fund transfer (IBFT) is a way to transfer funds from one bank account to another, between participating financial institutions, locally or internationally. … Customers can pay through online banking system they’re familiar with and have trust in.

How can I transfer money through UBL ATM?

ATMVisit any UBL ATM.Using your Omni Debit card issued against your Omni Account enter Omni ATM card PIN.Select Funds Transfer option on menu page.Select option Inter Bank Funds Transfer.Enter beneficiary Account number.Enter Amount and complete transaction.

Can I transfer money to any bank account?

Transfer money instantly to your Bank Account You can transfer money from debit cards or credit cards of ICICI, HDFC, Citibank, SBI and more to any bank account and the transferred amount will reflect in your bank accounts instantly.

How can I transfer money using ATM card?

Insert your ATM card.Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).Select Fund Transfer.Select Transferee Bank.Enter the account number of the account you wish to transfer funds to.Select type of bank account to be used (Savings or Current)Enter the amount you want to pay.Don’t forget your transaction receipt.

Can I transfer money from UBL to easypaisa account?

Transfer Money From UBL Account into Easypaisa Account for Free. New Method 100% Working.

How I check my UBL account?

Check account balance You can check available current balance of your UBL Omni Account at any given time.No confirmation call for this transaction. Steps to account balance inquiry: Go to the write message option of your mobile phone. Type command following command and send it to 8257 Bal e.g. bal 1234.

What is the best app for transferring money?

The Best Apps to Transfer MoneyPayPal. PayPal has long been the industry standard for Internet banking. … Venmo. Venmo is becoming well known, enough so that the phrase “Venmo me” is popping up on a regular basis. … Google Wallet. … Square Cash. … Chase QuickPay. … Bank of America. … ClearXchange. … Western Union.

How can I pay my UBL app?

You can pay your bills from Omni App in a few quick and simple steps:Successfully Log in to your Omni Customer App.Go to Transactions menu.Select Pay Bill.Select Bill type and Company.Enter Consumer Number or Mobile Number (for postpaid bill)Enter PIN and click Next.More items…

How can I transfer money to another account?

How to make a bank transferOnline bank transfers. Log in to your online account and select the option for making a payment. … Telephone transfers. Call your bank’s telephone banking service. … In-branch bank transfers. If you have the money in cash, you can pay it into the account of the person you owe it to in-branch.

What is the easiest way to transfer money from one bank to another?

How to transfer money from one bank to another onlineLink the paired accounts. Log in to the first bank’s website or mobile app and select the option for making transfers. … Provide external account information. … Confirm the new account. … Set up transfers.

Can I transfer money from easypaisa to bank account?

Any customer can walk into any of the Easypaisa shops and deposit cash directly into any bank account. Customers will only need to approach an Easypaisa shop, provide their CNIC and their bank account number to use this service.

Can you transfer money via ATM?

Home Banking How to Transfer Money from ATM? … Funds can be transferred from one debit card to another debit card or one account to another account through ATM.

How can I transfer money from my UBL account online?

Select Funds Transfer option on menu page. Select option To other UBL account. Enter beneficiary Omni Account number (simply the 13 digit Omni Account Mobile number) or UBL branch Account number. Enter Amount and complete transaction.

How do I add UBL account online?

How can I add any UBL account in my payee list to transfer funds?Login in to the UBL Digital App.Select the sidebar menu.Select ‘Payee Management’Select ‘New Payee’Select ‘UBL Branch Account’Select branch name from provided list.Enter 8 to 12-digit account number and tap on ‘Next’More items…•