Question: How Can I Upgrade My KYC FASTag In SBI?

For activation of FASTag, you need to submit an application form along with KYC (Know Your Customer) documents to the PoS location.

Your SBI FASTag account will get activated once your documents are verified.

At the website, sign in to your account.

To sign in, enter your mobile number, password, and captcha code..

How can I complete KYC in SBI?

SBI KYC for individuals (Documents acceptable as proof of identity/address)You can submit your Passport.You can submit your Voter ID.You can submit your Driving Licence.You can submit your Aadhaar Card/Letter.You can submit your NREGA Card.You can submit your PAN Card.

How can I unblock my FASTag account?

How To Unblock IDFC Fastag accountPlease go to sign in page of IDFC fast-tag account. click on can see here a “unlock account” tab. click on “unlock account”.now open a new window. Please enter ‘user id’, ‘VRN/Chassis no’ and ‘Captcha’. here ‘VRN/Chassis no. ‘ is your vehicle no. … Finally submit.

Which FASTag is best?

Who is your preferred FASTag provider?View Poll Results: Who is your favourite FASTag provider?State Bank of India142.68%Axis Bank295.54%IDFC Bank71.34%ICICI Bank15930.40%20 more rows•Feb 24, 2020

What happens if FASTag is damaged?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, only one FASTag is available for a vehicle. … If your FASTag is not working, then you can replace the damaged or torn FASTag sitting at home. For this, you can get a new FASTag released through Paytm. A Rs 100 amount is charged for this.

How do I change my bank account on FASTag?

So, if your FASTag is linked to Paytm wallet, which is connected to another bank account, then you can change the bank account and recharge the wallet from the new bank account. However, if your FASTag is linked to Paytm Bank account, then if you change the bank, then you need to cancel the Paytm linked FASTag as well.

Is KYC mandatory in SBI?

Did You Know? SBI; India’s largest lender is making KYC compulsory for all bank accounts otherwise the accounts will be freezed! … Additionally, SBI has also stated that the customers who don’t do KYC (Know Your Customer) or submit their documents before 28.02. 2020 will have their bank accounts with SBI freezed.

Is FASTag mandatory?

FASTags will be mandatory for vehicles from January 1, 2021, Union minister Nitin Gakdari said on Thursday. FASTags, which facilitate electronic payment of fee at toll plazas, was introduced in 2016.

Can I have 2 FASTag for one car?

You cannot use one FASTag with two or more vehicles, you will have to buy two separate FASTags for the two vehicles and so on. As per the IHMCL website, “If you reside within a range of 10 km from the toll plaza, you can avail a concession on toll to be paid via your FASTag.

Is KYC mandatory?

KYC is one such method which ensures that banks are not used for carrying out money laundering activities. KYC came into existence in 2002 in India and RBI, in 2004, made it mandatory for all banks to carry out KYC of customers by December 2005.

Can I replace my FASTag?

If you wish to stop using FASTag, call us on 1800-120-4210 to raise a closure request. You can replace your damaged tag with a new one at an applicable charge.

How can I change my KYC in SBI credit card?

For Existing Customers:E-mail the scanned copies to from your registered e-mail id.Log in to your account on and upload the documents by clicking ‘Submit KYC documents’ under the ‘My Accounts’ section’Send the hardcopies of the documents to the below mentioned address:

How can I remove FASTag from SBI blacklist?

Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues: Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even through Tag is not blacklisted. Plaza not accepting Fastag. Plaza is not able to read the Tag.

Can I update KYC online in SBI?

Please send the requisite KYC documents for your current residence address proof. You can send the scanned copy of the documents using any of the following modes: Website: Please click here to login to sbicard online and update a scanned copy of your current residence address instantly.

What happens if KYC is not done?

As per RBI guidelines, wallets of non-KYC verified customers will be restricted to the following: users will not be able to add money into their Wallet unless a minimum KYC is done; users will not be able to send money to friends and family, either in wallets or in bank accounts, and users will not be eligible for any …