Question: Does Metro PCS Have A Grace Period?

Is MetroPCS the same as Metro by T Mobile?

T-Mobile has owned MetroPCS since 2013 and changed the name to Metro by T-Mobile in 2018.

Metro runs on (you guessed it) T-Mobile’s network and uses its towers to provide coverage..

Can I change my MetroPCS due date?

Your payment cycle will not change, and the new plan will take effect at the beginning of your next month of service. … You can make changes online in My Account, in store, or over the phone with customer service at 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768).

Can you get MetroPCS if you owe T Mobile?

Can I switch to MetroPCS if I owe T-Mobile? Pretty straightforward. … I owe T Mobile some $$$ and had no effect on Metro. They don’t even do a credit check so your good to go.

Can I reactivate my MetroPCS phone?

If you have a used Metro PCS phone that has been disconnected from its network, you can reactivate it with a new service plan.

Is there a late fee for Metro PCS?

We have no late fee, and your service will automatically be turned on as soon as your payment is applied to your account. … If you do not make a payment within 30 days, your phone will be disconnected.

Can I switch carriers if I still owe on my phone?

If you still owe on your phone, you’ll need to pay it off before you can go from one cell provider to another. You also want to make sure you will not have any termination fees. In some cases, your new carrier will cover these as part of a deal, but you’ll want to check with both you old and new carrier to find out.

How can I activate a MetroPCS phone without paying?

MetroPCS allows phone activation even without service. All you need to do is call MetroPCS customer care number and they will activate your phone without paying. The other way is by visiting their store.

Does MetroPCS have a grace period?

There is a 10 day grace period from the bill due date. You can also contact customer service and make payment arrangements if you see it’s going to go past the 10 days.

Can I get a extension on my Metro PCS bill?

MetroPCS now only gives you a bill extension of 48 hours. To get the extension, you will have to wait for your account to be suspended. Once this happens, you will have to contact Metro by T-Mobile or visit a physical store for assistance.

Can you pay half of your MetroPCS phone bill?

You can pay off your Metro PCS bill in installments. For instance, some people split the bill and pay one half of the total amount at the beginning of the billing cycle and the other half closer to the due date.

Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

Current MetroPCS customers get sweet savings too! … Any new or existing customer who port-in at least one eligible number can get four lines of unlimited talk, text and LTE data for just $100 – taxes and fees included. Customers need to hurry in, as this is a Limited Time Offer.

How many times can you get an extension with MetroPCS?

How many extensions will customers get? ONE per month.