How Do I Check The Status Of My Centrelink Claim?

within 21 daysThe time it takes us to assess your claim doesn’t affect your waiting period.

You can expect to hear from us within 21 days of submitting your claim.

It’s best to submit your claim as soon as possible after your circumstances change..

Completed. Your claim has been assessed by Centrelink.

The estimated completion date given to you is a guide only and claims may be processed before or after this date. Each person’s claim is different and some will take longer due to their complexity or the seasonal demand at the time. We’ll write as soon as it’s completed.

The Rent Deduction Scheme lets you pay your public housing rent straight from your Centrelink payments. You can arrange this with your state or territory housing authority. It’s a free service. Centrepay is a service that lets you pay bills and expenses as regular deductions from your Centrelink payments.

If your claim is rejected, you have the right to appeal! Appeals are often successful. Beginning the process of an appeal is straightforward. The first step usually involves asking Centrelink to explain the decision, which will give you the chance to correct a misunderstanding or provide them with more information.

Under the current system, a person is able to claim backdated payments from the date they contact Centrelink about becoming a NewStart recipient. They are then given a window of five months to submit the relevant paperwork and are able to recoup payments over that time once they are an approved recipient.

*Note: – Rent assistance cannot be backdated. Payments can only be paid from the payday following notification that you are renting.

What is the maximum amount of rent assistance from Centrelink?

People without dependent childrenIf you’reYour fortnightly rent is at leastThe maximum fortnightly payment issingle, sharer$124.60$93.07couple, combined$201.80$131.601 of a couple separated due to illness$124.60$139.601 of a couple temporarily separated$124.60$131.601 more row

Centrelink benefits – rent assistance Centrelink will assess your eligibility when you make a claim for another payment, such as a youth allowance. You will need to show Centrelink proof of rent and complete a Rent Certificate. If you have a formal written tenancy agreement, you will need to show this to Centrelink.