How Do I Activate And Disable FASTag?

How do I temporarily disable FASTag?

Once you are into your Paytm FASTag wallet, you will see an option ‘Manage FASTag’.

Under the ‘Manage FASTag’ option, you will see all the active Paytm FASTags that are linked to your Paytm number.

From here you can select the desired FASTag account that you want to deactivate and cancel Paytm FASTag..

How do you activate a blocked FASTag?

How To Unblock IDFC Fastag accountPlease go to sign in page of IDFC fast-tag account. click on can see here a “unlock account” tab. click on “unlock account”.now open a new window. Please enter ‘user id’, ‘VRN/Chassis no’ and ‘Captcha’. here ‘VRN/Chassis no. ‘ is your vehicle no. … Finally submit.

Why my FASTag is not working?

The customer should ensure the following: The customer has an active tag – Check under the “Manage Tags” section in your FASTag sub-wallet. The customer has sufficient amount (atleast Rs.

How do I activate FASTag Ihmcl?

How to Make IHMCL FASTag Recharge Online on Paytm?Go to FASTag recharge on Paytm.Select Indian Highways Management Company Limited as the FASTag issuing Bank.Enter your Vehicle Number/Vehicle Registration Number.Click on ‘Proceed’ and enter the recharge amount.More items…

How do I know if my FASTag is active?

You have an active tag – you can check it under the “Manage Tags” section in your FASTag sub-wallet….The below details will be available against each tag:Tag-wise transaction details of all toll payments.Activation status of each FASTag that is linked to your Wallet.

Can I have 2 FASTag for same car?

One person can purchase and use not more than two FASTag for one vehicle. In the case of using multiple tags, customers will be responsible for operational issues.