Does Discovery Pay For Pap Smear?

Does Discovery pay for blood tests?

Depending on your plan type, Discovery Health Medical Scheme provides cover for in- and out-of-hospital tests and scans, including investigations, radiology, blood tests, MRI and CT scans..

What is the waiting period for Discovery medical aid?

Types of waiting periods There are general waiting periods and condition-specific waiting periods. Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s general waiting period is for three consecutive months, while the condition-specific waiting period is 12 consecutive months.

How do you get chronic medicine discovery?

Go to under Medical aid > Find a document to download the form ‘Request for additional cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) Chronic Disease List (CDL) conditions covered on the Chronic Illness benefit (CIB)’ or call us on 0860 99 88 77 to request it.

How do I spend my discovery Miles?

Use your Discovery Miles at in-store partners like Sportsmans Warehouse, Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick n Pay and many more. Open your Discovery Bank app, choose your Discovery Miles account, tap on Pay, then on Pay in-store, and add the amount you’d like to spend. Then tap Generate QR code.

How do I do my vitality age?

To find out how healthy you really are, simply register or log in to your online Discovery Vitality profile to complete a Vitality Age assessment.

Can you join a medical aid if you are already pregnant?

While a medical scheme cannot refuse to accept a pregnant woman who applies for cover, the current pregnancy and childbirth won’t be covered.

Does Discovery pay for PrEP?

Discovery Health and Genesis members can also access PrEP but will pay for it out of their medical savings accounts.

Can I put my girlfriend on my medical aid?

Yes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is living with you, you will be able to add them as an adult dependant to your medical aid – just as you would if they were your spouse.

Which hospitals does Discovery cover?

Benoni. Life The Glynnwood Hospital.Brakpan. Life Dalview Hospital.Germiston. Life Roseacres Hospital.Heidelberg. Life Suikerbosrand Hospital.Johannesburg. Netcare Rand Hospital.Midrand. Life Carstenhof Hospital.Pretoria. Netcare Bougainville.Randfontein. Life Robinson Private Hospital.More items…

Can I use my medical aid at clicks?

Clicks Pharmacies are a preferred provider to most Medical Aids. We also offer health assessments which are covered by most Medical Aids. With a footprint of over 190 Feel Good Clinics & a convenient booking system, having your health assessed has never been this easy.

Does Discovery have a hospital plan?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers 23 different plan options, ranging from a simple hospital plan like our Core Series, to more comprehensive medical aid plans that include additional day-to-day benefits and cover.

Does Discovery pay for gynecologist?

You are covered for up to 12 consultations at your gynaecologist, GP or midwife covered from the Maternity Benefit at the Discovery Health Rate. You have cover for up to five pre- or postnatal classes (including online classes) or post-birth consultations with a registered nurse, up until two years after birth.

Where can I get a Discovery Health Check?

You can complete a Vitality Health Check at any accredited Clicks, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay pharmacy or independent pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness Network, at a Vitality Wellness Centre, at a Discovery Wellness Day or at your nearest Discovery Store. You can also conveniently book an appointment online.

Which medical aid is the cheapest?

If you and your family are relatively healthy and keeping medical aid costs low is a priority for you, then a hospital plan is the cheapest way to go.

What is the best medical aid in SA?

Bestmed has the most loyal customers at 70.6%, above industry par of 68.8%, followed by Medihelp at 70.4%. Discovery (69.9%) and Bonitas (68.2%) are on par, while Gems (60%) and Momentum (59.5%) have the least loyal customers, with Momentum showing a 4% decline in customer loyalty scores from 2019.

Does Keycare plus cover Gynaecologist?

We pay for up to eight consultations with your gynaecologist, GP or midwife. You are covered for up to two 2D ultrasound scans, including one nuchal translucency test. 3D and 4D scans are paid up to the rate we pay for 2D scans.

How long does a health assessment take?

between 20 minutes and one hourThere is no set time for an assessment. How long it takes depends upon your individual case. It also depends upon the type of assessment and your medical conditions. Time with the Healthcare Professional is usually between 20 minutes and one hour.

Does Discovery medical aid pay for mammograms?

If you are a member of a medical scheme administered by Discovery Health, you are covered for one mammogram every two years, from your Screening Benefit. Members who are at high risk are eligible for a yearly mammogram. The consultation fee is paid from your available day-to-day benefits.